Saturday, March 14, 2015

Switch Your Body Lotions!

Good evening everyone! As indicated in the title, today I am going to rant about body lotions. 

As a disclaimer, I am no experts in this subject. I did my own research buy trying out different products on my skin and the effectiveness will vary based on the preferences of individual's skin. I will not be responsible for any arising skin-related conditions :)

To be honest, I love body lotions. I apply it every single day because my skin is well... complicated. You see, certain parts are super oily while certain parts are super dry. Like flaky-itchy kind of dry. Therefore, I have to apply body lotion every couple of hours. Or to be exact, moisturising lotion.

The minute I step out of the shower, I have to quickly moisturise it to avoid the flakiness. I spent like 15 minutes for the overall body, excluded skin care and makeup of course. The things I do to achieve super-smooth skin, not to mention the costing too!

So I have to try different body lotions, and I did. All was so scented and moisturising but not so suitable for me. I was looking for something long-lasting for that dry skin because I don't have extra time to re-apply every single hours. Plus, I like to gently massage it for that blood flow matter but as  days go by I get tired too hehe. Or maybe I'm just lazy because it is kind of difficult having to massage it at workplace.

Among the ones that I have tried are from Cosway, Shurah, Vaseline, Safi, Sephora and a lot more. 

I only managed to snap these 2 empty bottles and right now I'm still using the one from Sephora. It was a free gift, might as well use it till the last drop. The pink bottle from Cosway is so fragrant and it can lasts up till afternoon. I loved it so much I have the complete set because I was persuaded by my sister. Blame her and her sweet mouth!

As for Shurah, I don't really fancy it. The consistency is too thick so a bit difficult to lather. I needed 5 to 6 pumps just for the upper part of my body. Definitely will not repurchase.

I'm struggling to finish all my body lotions because I want to completely switch to oil for my skin. Natural oils to be exact. I actually took baby steps for this method because I did a lot of research beforehand for my complicated skin condition.

1) I use baby oil at first because I read it somewhere that it was so moisturising but I don't fancy the smell. It absorbed into my skin quiet the speed so it doesn't leave the greasy feeling afterwards. I used this method for almost 2 months but then I stopped because I had an allergy reaction around the thigh area. The struggle I had to go through...

2) Then, I went to a local drug store to hunt for more. And I came across this...

I love this so so much! So moisturising, all added advantage in just 1 bottle but too expensive for this such small size. I will repurchase soon to lighten my scars. Yes, just for that purpose.

3) Lastly, I went online. Basically, online shopping. I browsed through websites such as lemongreen2u, iherb, luxola and many more to compare prices and delivery time. After all that hardwork I found sellers on instagram and it was worth the while. I bought this, my most trusted moisturizer!

Almond Oil

I used this twice everyday and my skin love it too. I doesn't absorb that fast but when it does, no greasy feeling at all. You can feel the supple-ness afterward which is just amazing. I used this my my body lotion, after-wax oil, for extra shine and to lighten my scars. Please google the benefits of almond oil, because it can lighten your underarm too. Even my decolletage love it too. DO take note that the first signs of aging will be most visible at your neck and decolletage. Always remember to show some love for that area.

It comes in 2 sizes and you can purchase it from ainarizzwan. She has ready stocks, which I love because I hate waiting hehe. Do check out her instagram, you will definitely fall in love with this oil. 

Remember, it is good to go natural on products that you used because it will all absorb into your body. Try and start a healthy routine, it will be worth it :)

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Publish Your Love Life?

Apology on the long hiatus, dear readers.

I'm back with high spirit, more concentration and of course more time to blog. I need that extra time because I just need it!

So, today I am going to write about what to consider before publishing your love life online. Do take note that this post has nothing to do with anybody out there, merely my personal opinion. If you happen to have that slightest feeling of uneasiness, I am truly sorry for that I have no intention of doing so.

So, here goes...

We all that have that moment of joy to have that special someone in our lives. It's pretty much like

"I love you baby, forever"
"You're the best thing that ever happened to me"
"You jump, I jump"
"Let's go have some sushi"

But, the grass is not always greener on the other side. There will be hiccups in your relationship, but do you want to post about that too? Let the world know "I am in pain, I need more chocolate......"
(the dots stands for echo)

1) Privacy
I certainly do not want the world to know that I am having problems. I know I do not like to check-in at a place and stuff, let alone telling everyone I am in misery. Privacy is the only thing you can keep to yourselves. So let it stay that way. Kalau orang Melayu selalu cakap, jagalah kain sendiri jangan biar koyak. Kain orang lain koyak? Suruh diorang sign up untuk Kelas Menjahit.

2) Sweetness
Yes, you call your other half "baby" or maybe "sayang" or even "papa" no no we do not want to know all of that. PDA people, keep it to a minimum level. How? Not posting pictures or videos on social networks. Easy peasy. Unless if you are married, you can totally do that but not every other hour. That will be unbearable.

3) The Break-ups
You have tonnes of pictures together on the social networks, tapi jodoh tak panjang mungkin. Do I have to delete all of it. Yes honey, the pain is excruciating but it is for the best. You have to respect his/her new partner. Again, keep the "sweetness" to yourself. If you happen to have 3 boyfriends/girlfriends, would you want to repeat that over and over again? Think again. Plus, it is so time consuming having to delete all of the memories. I would rather spend that time to Sephora and figgle through skincare section. Win!

4) The Bad Guy
I came across lots of Facebook pages that steal somebody else's pictures and posted it just for the purpose of humiliating. So I decided to take safety precautions and hide pictures that I think would interest them, just to be safe. It is scary you know, having to read all the bad comments. People are judgemental, that is a true story. The same goes to this topic, people judge and they will keep on judging because that is some sort of human nature. We judge and we feel terrific. And we all do that, I know I do *laugh to myself*

So that's about it I guess. I was doing my new header last night, totally clueless on how to use Paint for that matter. Eeegghhh I feel so lousy, took me nearly one hour just to do that. Oh and I have reverted all of my posts to draft, too much pictures of the old times that I want to keep to myself. I might be doing beauty review in this blog too, just a thought.

Have a great Monday! I know I will :)

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Clean Slate

Hey everyone! Apology on the long hiatus, the blogging mode decided to make a comeback. So here I am, 'renovating' what I should and other necessary housekeeping.

Anyway, hello 2015. May it be a good year for all of us.

Till then, good night!